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J&G episode #32#

this is the drunkest episode ever, if its ur first jeff and greg podcast maybe u should go back to an earlier episode first. Wow. we probably shouldnt even post this episode. We're sorry.

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J&G episode #31#

A week late and a day early. huh??? You'll see.

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J&G episode #30.5#

makeup episode jeff all on his own just explaining whats up

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J&G episode #30#

logo.jpgbig episode #30!!! wow. 71/2 months of podcasting done. This episode was really fun. Tried out some soundboard stuff. Then some mexican pirates gave some guatemalens SYPHILUS. Hell yeah.

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J&G episode #29#


DDDWWWAAAMMM!!!! now this is the Jeff and Greg Podcast that we like . Lots of BS'n. We make a phone call to some great friends. We had alot of fun recording this cast so we really hope that you like it.

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