PAPA GRAMM joined us in GREY BUSH STUDIO tonight. It was a mess but soo much fun







Super fun episode this week with Justin aka Sinseer of the group SWIFTWATERZ. We covered it all tonight. We even came up with a new name for the studio!!!!!!



Its the 5 year anniversary of CRAZY JAYS visit to the show. Here is that episode!!






S#2 Ep#9



Rare wednesday make up show. Enjoy


Get ready for a big showon Friday OCT 27. ITs going to be a blast. Until then enjoy a flashback to FEB of 2013 with episode #112


Another mid week episode flashback. If you are reading this please find us on itunes and leave a review.


season 2 episode 7



We decidedthat we will start putting out an old episode from the archives sometime during the week in between new shows. Thisis episode #111 from FEBRUARY 9, 2013. Its always been one of our most populr episodes. 


JGP S#2 EP#6

Amazing show tonight. We had local rap group SWIFT WATERZ in the studio with us. We had so much fun. Enjoy


JGP S#2 EP#5

Best time ever. We arereally starting to get it back. PLease give us 5* reviews on itunes and any other places you might listen to the show.


JGP S#2 EP#4

Good times. back for 4 weeks in a row.


JGP S#2 EP#3

man we hada greattime tonight. stillworkin on the sound issues. WE ARE BACK YAWLL. P.S. F#@k THE BEATLES!!!!


Season2 Ep2

back forweek #2. Great time. Hopeyou all enjoy. 


JGP S#2 EP#1

First episode back in a couple years. Just catching up. Dealing with some tech problems while we are getting used toall the new equiptment. 


J&G Episode#142

2 weeks in a row! Safe to say Jeff & Greg are back. We hope you enjoy episode142. send any requests or reviews or really anything you wanna hear to our mail  jeffandgregpodcast@gmail.com

Episode #141

Well here it is folks. Its been almost a year since the last real episode. Episode #141 is finally here. All the real Jeff and Greg fans will love this one. It felt so good to finally spend sometime in the sarcophagus. Until next week

Keep your ears open. We will be back soon!!!!!

What is there a new episode up?? Nah. I dug deep into the archives today and wanted to share one of my favorite episodes. Listening to it today made me get that fire back. This is what Jeff and Greg is all about. Don't give up on us peeps. We will be back. Jeff and Greg

This week the podcast lost its biggest fan. Jeffs father in law "K.T." passed away. He was the biggest fan of the Jeff & Greg Podcast. We chose to replay episode #139 because he called in to the show and brought us so many laughs to this episode.   


Back for some more fun. Episode#140 is finally here. Great times. Enjoy!!

Since we talked about this episode so much in episode #139 I thought I'd put it up again. This was everyone's favorite. Soo much fun. Enjoy.

J&G Episode #139

Merry Christmas from Jeff and Greg. Our Christmas episode was so much fun. We had Crazy Jay back in the studio. He literally brought the Christmas spirit. In the form of Wicked Tango Whisky. We did our first ever live broadcast too. Enjoy. 12/19/2014

J&G Episode #138

Holy Shit it's finally here. Episode #138 has taken months to come. We had a blast recording this episode. more to come ASAP.

J&G Episode #137

Here's a fun flashback episode to keep you all held over until we are able to get back together. enjoy

J&G Episode #136

Hell yeah! Great episode this week. Jeff and Greg at it again. 4/18/2014

Episode #135#

We had a blast in this long episode tonight. We had Theone and only COOKIEMONSTA in the studio this week with DJ BOOMBOXX. We covered just about everything. ENJOY. 3/28/2014

J&G Episode #134#

3 weeks in a row! Its been a while since we've done that. Find out this week who the guys wouldn't go gay for...but almost. Enjoy 3/7/2014


J&G Episode #133#

Back for the 2nd week in a row. Usually that's no a big deal but given our recent track record it's huge! We had a lot of fun this week trying to get back into the swing of things. We hope you enjoy it. 3/1/14


J&G Episode #132#

good one. enjoy

Episode ##131##

We had so much fun this week. Sorry it took us so long. enjoy

We were unable to record a new episode this week so we decided to air our old CHRISTMAS EPISODES. This one is episode #38 from 2010. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

J&G Episode #130#

After a long break we are back with episode 130! ENJOY

Sorry about this huge gap in between new episodes everyone.  We hate it too. We will be back on track soon. untilnthen here's a flashback to episode #43. Enjoy 

J&G Episode #129

Just Jeff n Greg chillin and having a good time. 

J&G Episode #128

did it again yawl. Episode #128!!! Jeff, Greg, and Candice.Hope ya enjoy! 

J&G Episode #127

HOLY WOW!!! This is one for the record books. It's a long one. We had so much fun.

J&G Episode #126

WOW Finally back. After taking about 4 weeks off we return with episode #126. JEFF, GREG, and CANDICE. ENJOY

J&G Episode#125

Jeff, Greg, and Candice back together again. Havin a blast. Enjoy 7/27/2013


WOW!!! This was a great episode. Special guest and hip hop artist PROSPER joined us for some fun. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE. ENJOY 7/12/2013

J&GEpisode #123

Finally!!! It's here. This episode was a pain to get loaded. We had soo much fun this week. Definitely one of my favorite shows to do. //It's just Jeff and Greg with our favorite guest host CANDICE. and its super long too. ENJOY 7/5/2013


Enjoy flashback episode #9. It was a blast. Soo long ago. We will be back on a regular basis soon. Just have to take care of some technical difficulties we're experiencing.  

No new show this week. I put up a good ole flashback episode #74. Enjoy!

J&G Episode #122#

Really fun episode with special guest local rap artist COOKIE MONSTA. You can find all of his music on REVERBNATION. Enjoy 6/14/2013

J&G Episode #121#


J&G Episode #120#

We had so much fun this week. episode 120 was an absolute blast. Hope you enjoy some classic Jeff & Greg. Enjoy 5/31/2013

It's been a hectic few weeks around the sarcophagus. We will get back on track I promise. Until then chefk out episode #49. It was a fun one.

J&G Episode #119#

back to the original format this week Jeff and Greg solo in the sarcophagus having a good time and laughing until they shit themselves. Enjoy May 3rd 2013

J&G Episode #118#

Amazing episode this week. UNO MAS, MONDO, and Justin Coates joined us in the sarcophagus. We talked music and had an amazing freestyle rap session.  Followed by more fun with Candice the news girl. Enjoy 4/26/2013

J&G Episode #117#

Amazing episode with rapper TY DURDEN.

J&G Episode #116#

This episode was super fun. we had a guest in the sarcophagus this week. It was a party show. Enjoy.   4/5/2013

J&G Episode #115#

We're baaaack. Episode #115 was a fun one. We had an interview with TY DURDEN. Good times. We could have gone all night this week. In fact we ran out of time and didnt even get to the outline. That just means you're in for a treat next week. HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY. ENJOY. 3/29/2013

J&G Episode #114#


We will get back on track soon I promise. Until next week enjoy a flashback. Episode #77.

J&G Episode #113#

Having some tech problems this week. Hope the whole show is on here this time. Enjoy 3/2/2013

J&G Episode #112#

They boys are back. Enjoy. 2/22/2013

J&G Episode #111#

Great episode. Wow this was a fun one. Robert joined us again this week and shared some of hisbpersonal info. Enjoy 2/8/2013

J&G Episode #110#

This was a fun episode. Unfortunatly we have a couple of phone calls that sounded horrible. Just skip those parts :-) hope ya enjoy it. 2/1/13

J&G Episode #109#

Enjoy 1/18/2013

J&G Episode #108#

You'll have a ghey old time! Enjoy 1/11/13

J&G Episode #107#

Amazing first episode of the year. 1/4/2013logo.jpg

J&G Episode #106#

Back to basics this week. Just Jeff and Greg shootin the shit in the sarcophagus. It's the last episode of 2012! We drank some whisky and had a blast. Remember to go to iTunes and give us a 5star review. Hit up our website http://jeffandgreg.podbean.com and find the PayPal link to donate to the show. Anything would help. We love y'all. Enjoy! 12/29/2012

J&G Episode #105#

This is our END OF THE WORLD/CHRISTMAS episode. It's a super long one. We talk to Shawn from HANGOVER JOE'S RECOVERY SHOT and also CRAZY JAY from The Rocking Comedy Show. Oh and we had a guest in the studio. Mark a long time friend of Jeff & Greg. We had a blast. ENJOY 12/21/12

We missed this week so I decided to dig into the archives and bring you back episode #14. Soo long ago. Enjoy

J&G Episode #104#

This was a really fun show this week. We had a good friend sit in on the show. We had a blast. We even had a call from the one and only CRAZY JAY of THE ROCKING COMEDY SHOW. it was all fun and games till Jeffs mic died on us. but we pulled through.We even got our first donation. I hope you all enjoy. Please help out the show by donating to us via paypal follow the link on our page http://jeffandgreg.podbean.com it would be very verry appreciated. 12/7/12

J&G Episode #103#

welcome to episode #103. We played our new intro thanks to Crazy Jay from The Rocking Comedy Show.  We talk about the new leader in Youtube views, the future Twinkies, and just a touch of Bieber. please go to itunes and give us a review and 5 stars. Love Ya. 11/30/2012

J&G Episode #102#

Holy episode #102. this episode is epic. Crazy Jay from The Rocking Comedy Show joined us in the sarcophogus. We had soo much fun. I hope you enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving.

J&G Episode #101#

Starting a new chapter with episode #101! in this episode we announced our very first sponsor THE HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT. check them out at www.bangoverjoes.com. very fun episode. enjoy 11/9/12

J&G Episode #100#

GIGANTIC show this week. Its Jeffs birthday, Halloween ,and the 100th episode. ENJOY

J&G Episode #99#

this was such a fun episode! We hope you all love it.  All over the place this episode but totally fun.  Enjoy 10/19/12

J&G Episode #98#

I feel like this episode was kinda dry. If you really wanna listen go right ahead. Just an off wekk I suppose. Still some good stuff though. ENJOY 10/5/12

J&G Episode #97#

Enjoy 9/28/2012

J&G Episode #96#

Very fun show this week. Lots -o- fun and lots-o- B.S. We get a call in from Crazy Jay of the Rockin Comedy Show. Great show this week. ENJOY 9/21/12

There is no show this week but I wanted to explain. See ya next week. Check out the rocking comedy show on stitcher or www.rockingcomedyshow.com . We need you to go to itunes and give us some 5 star reviews.

J&G Episode #95#

One of my favorite shows to record. We had a lot of fun. Even have a phone call from frind of the show and host of THE ROCKING COMEDY SHOW.  Enjoy 9/7/2012

J&G Episode #94#


Somehow I meesed up and loaded all but the last 20-25 minutes the other day. So here is the whole episode #93. We hope you like it yo. You can now listen to the show anywhere without downloading it on the STITCHER RADIO app. search Jeff & Greg and start listening on your Ipad, pod, or any smartphone

J&G Episode #92#

Hmmmmm I'm typing this the morning after. I dont remember anything about the show this /week. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm guessing that we did. ENJOY 8/3/12

J&G Episode #91#

We brang the heat once again yawl. It was a blast. Hope ya enjoy it.  7/20/2012

J&G Episode #90#

This is by far our longest episode EVER!!! We went real deep this week but still had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy episode #90!!! recorded 7/13/12

J&G Episode #89#

Good times. this R. Kelly Chapter of Trapped in the Closet was crrrraaazzyyy!!!!! Enjoy

J&G Episode #88#

Not going to lie peeps. This was a sleepy episode. Im not even going to pre listen or edit. I have no idea what to expect. If this is your first episode then maybe go back into the archives a little first. Love ya'll. ENJOY

J&G Episode #87#

6/22/12 This was the longest episode yet. we interviewed the band IN TRANSLATION and played a track off their new album. We also got a call in with the one and only Crazy Jay from The Rocking Comedy Show out of Las Vegas. We had so much fun tonight please enjoy. I know we did!!

J&G Episode #86#

This was an amazing episode to record sooo. fun. ENJOY

J&G episode #85#

Wow this one was awesome. We had so much fun with this episode.

J&G Episode #84#

Episode #84!!!!

J&G Episode #83#

I honestly dont remember what we talked about in this episode. one to many beers I think. It was a good time as always. If your a fan then you know. If its our first show then thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy it.  Please go to itunes and subscribe and give us a 5 star review. PLEASE!!!

J&G Episode #82#

Amazing episode. We got in an interview with COLT WHITMORE. Check out his show live on sunday nights 8pm PST 11EST by going to either www.coltwhitmore.com or www.stickam.com . We had a great time on this one. Covered lots of topics and news.  Also check out the rocking comedy show on itunes. While your at it hit up our boy PETE NEWTON on itunes or at www.petenewton.podbean.com he has a great podcast out of Canada.  Please go to itunes and rate n review our show. ENJOY!!!

J&G Episode #81#

Back with a vengance after taking 5 weeks off. This was a fun episode. We coulda talked all night but we just had to end it. In this episode we continue the R. Kelly saga with Trapped in the closet chapter 2. Hope you enjoy it!!

Sorry about missin the episode last week. Jeffs here to fill ya'll in. Now would be the perfect time to check out our archives!!!! Got to Itunes and give us a 5 star review. PLEASE. oh and tell everyone you know to check us out. While ur at it check out the Colt Whitmore Show "LIVE FROM IDAHO" every sunday night on STICKAM.COM at 8pm wst 11pm est. Its the shit!!!!

J&G Episode #80#

This was our 80th episode and also our 2 year anniversary. I hope ya'll like it. thanks for hangin out with us these 2 years. Lets have a ton more years. ENJOY

J&G Episode #79#

Not gunna lie... this episode will probably sound like a train wreck. Big mike showed up and all hell broke loose. I hope you like it though. Seemed like nothing worked out so well. ENJOY

J&G Episode #78#

This episode is amazing. We interviewed Colt whitmore and made a call to crazy Richard and you know that's always a good time. ENJOY

J&G Episode #77#

Funniest GD podcast ever. we are officailly upgrading the account today so now you can enjoy Jeff and greg everywhere. This episode was the shit. Super long and funnier than shit. Enjoy

J&G Episode #76#

I can never think of anything good to put in these descripions. Does anyone even read them?? We need you to go to iTunes and give us a good rview. Then go tell everyone you know to check out our show. Thanks. ENJOY

J&G Episode #75#

WOW 75 episodes!! The usuall amazing show.

J&G Episode #74#

Holy fun times!! We called introduce our new segment CRAZY RICHARD this week. cover lots of news and Jesus heals a gay man. Closed out with a beautiful love song. hehe.

J&G Episode #73#

3rd straight week in a row.  We havent done that in a long time.  This episode we talk about it all. Whats new.

J&G Episode #72#

NIce long episode. We have a dual cast with our boy Pete Newton from Canada. Enjoy!

J&G Episode #71#

The first episode os 2012. Remember that Jeff & Greg love you bitches.

J&G episode #70#


J&G Episode #69#

Holy sh*t we went long this time. It was fun. Follow us on twitter @jeffgregpodcast

J&G episode #68#


J&G Episode #67#

WEEEEEERRRR Back!! Sorry we toook such a long break. It wan't happen again.  We really ahd a lot of fun on this episode. We talked about everything.  We hope you enjoy it.

J&G Episode #66#

great show today. All the usuall hilarity. Need I say more?? I think not. ENJOY

J&G episode #65#

Wow!! Good stuff. we are back for good this time. 3 weeks off was too much. We pulled it all out for this one. and by that i mean Greg wouldnt put his cock away. ENJOY!!!

J&G episode #64#

2nd try again. tech problems made me only able to load half of the show the first time. here ya go. ENJOY

J&G peisode #63#

After a long break we are back with a fuckin vengance. We went deep talking about the current debt crisis. HAHA yeah right. But we covered some news, watched some funny videos, and best of all had a good ass time. ENJOY

J&G episode #62#

2nd try at loading this episode. I hope it worked this time.

J&G eoisode #61#

coo coo ca choo!!!

J&G epiosde #60#

J&G episode #59#

logo.jpgWe celebrate NKNFUTS birthday in this episode. yes he finally made it out to the sarcauphagus. Lots of fun and horror in this show. We think this is gunna be a good one. Hey dont forget to tell ur friends about us. We could really use some donations on our podbean page. Help keep us goin. There is a link on http://jeffandgreg.podbean.com for paypal so u can donate whatever u want. even $1 will help.

J&G episode #58#

This one went much smoother than the last episode. Very fun. Enjoy listening to this episode at the gym or in the car. Maybe even on the shitter. Enjoy. oh yeah, Be sure to pickup your copy of Tech N9ne's new album "All 6's and 7's" on Tuesday June 7th.

J&G episode #57#

well we did a podcast. umm i dont know what to tell ya. a little too much beer happened and we talked. if this is ur first Jeff and Greg episode then maybe u should start a few shows back. This isn't gunna be a good starter episode. Or its amazing. Im always wrong. ENJOY!!!

J&G episode #56#

A mummified Macho Man Randy Savage is found next to a space heater after falling off of a treadmill at the gym.  Or some shit. Enjoy

J&G Episode #55#

Good shit yo!!! Enjoy another classic Jeff and Greg Podcast. We love you bitches!

J&G episode #54#

I have a hard time doing these descriptions. just know that its effin awesome. enjoy!!

J&G episode #53#

This episode is full of joy and wonderment. Or a couple of guys with a real good beer buzz. We had some fun this week. enjoy!

J&G episode #52#

Episode number 52 baby. AAAHHHH JEAH!!

J&G episode #51#

episode #51 ya'll. Just listen.

J&G episode #50#

WOW it's already episode #50!!!! WOOO

J&G episode #49#

Not a lot to say other than this episode will rock your god damn world!!! enjoy

J&G Episode #48#

here it is

J&G episode #47#

This was our 1 year anniversary show!! We cant believe it's been a whole year already. Many many more to come. ENJOY

J&G episode #46#

Gregs Bday show. ENJOY

J&G episode #45#

In the new studio. we had some tech problems but they are hopefully fixed. ENJOY!!!

J&G episode #44#

The very last episode from the sarcaughagus. Thats totally spelled wrong huh? I don't care. I hope u all enjoy this episode.

J&G episode #43#

second try. sorry only half the show got loaded the first time. here we go again. thanks ya'll.

J&G episode #42#

Fun episode. we brought in a new friend of the show BIG MIKE. Hes loaded with crazy stories. We just need a better setup eith more mics. Enjoy !!

J&G episode #41#

J&G episode #40#

Epic episode #40!!! Wow. we talk about everything from the Arizona massacre to disneyland. We hit 2 big milestones this week with the 40th episode and 1600 subscribers. Pretty amazing. Follow us on twitter @jeffgregpodcast , email jeffandgregpodcast@gmail.com. or straight from podbean at http://jeffandgreg.podbean.com . End song picked by super fan nknfuts. Thanks for being number 1 homie.

J&G episode#39#

1st show of the new year. Nuff said bitches.

J&G episode #38#

CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!! it's worth listening to just for Jeff and Gregs rendition of LAST CHRISTMAS by WAM. Merry Chirstmas ya'll. See ya next week for the new years show.

J&G episode #37#

We really put it all out there in this episode. It's just a little more than an hour of just straight up BS with really no agenda.

J&G episode #36#

Never done befor its the Tuesday episode. We needed to do this episode on tuesday because it has been a feew weeks and the podcast goo was piling up and needed to be realeased. No worries though, there will still be a regular friday episode this week. ENJOY you filthy sluts!!!! We love you

J&G episode #35#

J&G episode #34#

We take u back to the early 90s with some nastalgic cartoons and we rape your mother in front of you. Good times. enjoy.  (nobody was actually raped during the recording of this podcast)

J&G episode #33#

Back after taking a week off because of some sickness. Enjoy a heapin helpin of Jeff and Greg!!!! eat up bitcheslogo.jpg

J&G episode #32#

this is the drunkest episode ever, if its ur first jeff and greg podcast maybe u should go back to an earlier episode first. Wow. we probably shouldnt even post this episode. We're sorry.

J&G episode #31#

A week late and a day early. huh??? You'll see.

J&G episode #30.5#

makeup episode jeff all on his own just explaining whats up

J&G episode #30#

logo.jpgbig episode #30!!! wow. 71/2 months of podcasting done. This episode was really fun. Tried out some soundboard stuff. Then some mexican pirates gave some guatemalens SYPHILUS. Hell yeah.

J&G episode #29#


DDDWWWAAAMMM!!!! now this is the Jeff and Greg Podcast that we like . Lots of BS'n. We make a phone call to some great friends. We had alot of fun recording this cast so we really hope that you like it.

J&G episode #28#


J&G episode #27#

One day early THURSDAY episode. Greg finally gets circumcised then has a siezure from listening to Hannah Montana

J&G episode #26#

We found a dead hoarder in a traffic jam in china. And listened to Foreigner while we washed our balls at the fair.  Good times to be had by all.

J&G episode #25#

One good reason to not shave ur WOOHOO.

J&G episode #24#

Another drunky one. We called and messed with some say now kids. Back to the old 1 hour show

J&G episode#23#

Long ass episode. We found a dead mouse in the milk and had 13 bears guarding our weed from Justin Bieber and Bone thugs n harmony.

J&G episode #22#

Auto tune episode. Good long episode. Actually the longest in Jeff & Greg podcast history. To many topics to cover in this descripion.  Jeff and Greg loves you!!!!

J&G episode #21#

Everyday normal guy finds dead baby being breast fed in mexico walmart. Talk about driving while watching porn, texting, using the fleshlight while hitting a deer at 65mph and Drinking FOUR LOKO. Good shit

J&G episode #20#

wow episode #20 already. I tink we had a tad tooooooo much to drink this time. Oh well. we had fun.

J&G episode #19#

Miss Piggy gets ear raped by Mel Gibson. We finaly have super fan NKNFUTS in the studio. Lots of banter in this episode. Some genuine Jeff and Greg type shit. ya heard?? Don't forget to check out the new album dropping from STRANGE MUSIC on tuesday 7/27/2010   TECH N9NE COLLABOS THE GATES MIX PLATE it's going to be amazing.

J&G episode #18#

Not going to lie to ya. We were a little drunk and I don't remember enough of what happened to make a description. God speed!!!

J&G episode #17#

We introduce Kesha to the FUCK SHIT STACK and use the rape condom on Lindsey Lohan. And hoping for a BJ from a dutch porn star. Isn't that vierd!!!!!

J&G episode #16#

4th of July episode. A crazy sex myth is busted and we find out the 3 things that women are good for.

J&G episode #15#

makeup saturday episode.

J&G podcast #14#

A duck faced Porn star Commits suicide because a door to door salesman sack tapped in the butt. What???

J&G episode #13#

Steve Perry is put to death by the Mormon firing aquad. And so is the shroom blazing. A new itunes review is fainally made!!!

J&G episode #12#

Is it gay??? Betty White is soo hot and "REAL TALK" funny stuff ya'll

J&G episode #11#

All over the map. You'll just have to listen.

J&G episode #10#

Usher kidnapping a midget for swinging a sign on the street at Matt Lauer during the Olympics.

J&G episode #9#

Wow this one was fun. We are all over the map with this episode. Superfan NKNFUTS calls in and someone got slapped, HARD!!!!

J&G episode #8#

Episode #8 already. Really drunk this time so listen with caution. It’s a good one though. Enjoy!!

J&G episode #7#

Steven Seagall Legalizing Weed For Justin Bieber and falling down at the monster truck show with nachos.

Oprah, Octomom,KFC, and someone gets slapped!!!!!!

Wow!! Everthing from Ricky Martin and Michael Bolton to dirty hotel rooms is discussed.

Talk about the homeless, Pyramid schemes, and what ever the eff else came to mind. Yes there was some drinkin too. Enjoy!!!!

We recorded this one a day earlier than usuall. Enjoy!!!!

This is our 2nd episode. It was a blast and we got pretty drunk while doing it.

Our first go at the podcast. We did our best and had a ton of fun. Hopefully you'll enjoy in too.

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